By Helen Shih, PhD

Flow-of-Light Natural Health

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Where is the true source of healing? We are here to help you discover and connect to it!

Living healthily and happily is your birthright and does not have to cost a big fortune. You can learn the way of holistic health in simple and powerful ways.

Hi, welcome to Flow-of-Light Natural Health. I am Dr. Helen Shih, a teacher and practitioner of holistic health, an advocate and organizer in the Wholesome Living movement. I created this center to share with you how to get to know your own health, how to improve your health, how to heal diseases, and how to move towards wholeness - a completely new way of living. In holistic health, our focus is not about diseases (that's when you will need to go to doctors and hospitals), but about health. The difference is the attitude we see diseases. Holistic health is not about a quick fiof your problems or silencing the symptoms. But rather, we see diseases as doorways leading to your personal transformation. Vitality and harmony are our final goal and outcome in holistic health. "Roadmap to Health" is the way we see health and way of improving it.

In fact, health is your birthright and is the natural way of being. You don't have to spend a great fortune and take a lot of pills to be healthy. Unfortunately, today healthcare cost has risen to be nearly 20% of the US GDP, indicating how expensive and how prevalent sickness has consumed the society. The mission of our center is to teach and motivate you to stay naturally healthy and follow the simple order of the nature and fundamental principle of health.

Thanks to the medical science and technology breakthroughs in the recent years, our understanding of health and diseases have taken a great leap forward. We apply holistic techniques and practices that can help you either stay on the healthy path, or to bring you back to health in case you have fallen out of the path. Most importantly, we help you reconnect to the nature's source of healing and empower you to rediscover your innate ability to heal and stay healthy. With love, patience and discipline, many diseases and issues can be resolved, not only personal health, but also other aspects of physical living including finance, relationship, and professional work. Many of these problems in fact come from the similar origin as the physical illness itself. When you address the root causes of your illness and bring back the vitality and balance, you will succeed in other areas of physical living as well. Is this really possible? Let's give it a try and step into our healing journey!